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With over 15 years of industry experience, we offer premium in home/office support solutions for every range of user. Having worked with large corporations such as Hewlett Packard and Compaq, we know the frustration of having to deal with outsource technical support. By offering in home or office services, we show transparency in our skills, and how we manage our time serving your needs. Having Edmonton Tek service your infrastructure will ensure no more wait times, or having to lug equipment into a retail outlet. Edmonton Tek is privately owned and operated from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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Our Services

Remote Service Call
Our Remote Service Call allows you to quickly let us connect to your problematic system, diagnose the issue, and correct it getting you back to work quickly. Best of all, it on your time. You call us when you're ready for service.
On site service call
I come out to your home or office to repair any issues one might have. Rates start at $92.50/hr for the first hour. Billing continues at the same rate but in 30 minutes increments as not to over bill our valued customers.
Wireless Security Audit
Edmonton Tek will come into your home and business to analyze for wireless issues and vulnerabilities. 99% of the time we are able to boost signal quality and security without adding hardware. This service is a flat fee of $119.99. If equipment is required we can supply it at a reduced cost over retail. If service call is missed, there is a 30 minute charge. We service quite far outside the Edmonton Region; due to distance there may be a travel fee assessed.
System Install
Edmonton Tek customers benefit from order to install support, and far beyond. We come and install all systems purchased or built with us.

Our Staff

Peter Skinner